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Hi :)

Things have been pretty silent on this blog, but no worries…I’m alive and well! Still trucking along with school and gearing up to student teach pretty soon. Eek! I’m terrified, but I know the experience will help me to feel … Continue reading

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How I Studied for the CSET

I have been meaning to write this post for a while, but it didn’t feel appropriate to write about it until I knew for sure that my study techniques yielded results. I am extremely pleased to say that I PASSED … Continue reading

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Real Teaching!

I probably don’t need to keep saying it because it seems like this is just going to be a fact of life for me, but life has been pretty hectic. The good news is that throughout all the chaos I … Continue reading

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I Love [the Idea of] Co-Teaching

I am an easy sell. I’m very easily convinced by marketing tricks. If an advertisement tells me one product is better than another, it might be enough to make me form an opinion about something about which I was previously … Continue reading

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Technology in the Classroom

We all know that technology advances quickly. In terms of education, it’s so exciting to see all the new tools that are constantly coming out to enhance a student’s educational experience. There is so much potential to address all the … Continue reading

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