Fitbit Saga Pt. 2

Alright, so to continue on with the Fitbit story I started here, eventually my Fitbit One went on a tragic trip through the washing machine. Sadly, it did not survive. This was around the time fitness trackers were dabbling in the “wristband style”. At this time, I was thinking about getting a Fitbit Flex, but I was so used to being able to get information quickly from the display on the Fitbit One. When the Fitbit Force came out, I thought it was a great option.


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What I liked about the Fitbit Force:

  • It was really easy to track sleep. The Fitbit One comes with a little wristband to wear when you want to track sleep. This was a really cumbersome process because you had to take the tracker out of the holder, then place it in the wristband before bed. Then, in the morning you had to take it out of the wristband and place it in the holder. It sounds simple, but it was really annoying! I started just clipping it to my clothes while I was sleeping, but that wasn’t always convenient either. The Fitbit Force let me transition from sleep tracking to step tracking really easily because it stayed on my wrist the whole time.
  • I really liked being able to check the time on my wrist. It had been a long time since I had worn a watch, opting instead to rely on my phone. It’s funny how quickly you forget the convenience of little things like wearing a watch.
  • Other than these two things, the functionality of what I liked about the Fitbit One remained the same with the Fitbit Force.

What I didn’t like about the Fitbit Force:

  • It was clunky!! It is really not an attractive piece to wear for someone with really tiny wrists like I do. I know it’s annoying when people complain about being small. Sorry, but this was legitimately annoying to me. The small Fitbit Force was still too big compared to my wrist, and it made me look like a child wearing something meant for adults.
  • The clasp was really hard to fasten. I think I finally got the hang of it, but it took me a really long time to put it on sometimes. There were also times when I thought it was properly fastened (maybe it was wishful thinking after struggling for a long time), only to find it popped off moments later. From what I hear, they have continued to use this clasp in later wristband trackers. I’m surprised they haven’t revised the design since it is so annoying.
  • The infamous Fitbit Force Rash: Not too long after the Fitbit Force was release, there was a voluntary recall centered around a rash that some users were developing around the charging port on the underside of the band. When I heard about the recall, I hadn’t experienced any sort of rash, but I was still considering taking advantage of the recall because I just couldn’t get used to how large the band was on me. Sometimes I just am not a “function over fashion” type of gal and I accept that about myself. Literally the day I decided to return the band, I started to develop the rash, which only served to confirm that it was the right move.

Overall, I really liked my Fitbit experiences. I thought the devices themselves worked well, though I had no way of testing their accuracy. As mentioned in my previous post, I don’t think the devices themselves will necessarily change your behavior, but they are useful for someone who wants to be more informed about their own activity.

My Fitbit Force was my last Fitbit device, but not my last fitness tracker. More on this to come 🙂

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