How My Fitbit One Has (and Hasn’t) Changed My Life

As I was exploring WordPress again, I rediscovered some drafts of posts I had planned to come back and finish and never did. The following post was originally written on March 7, 2013 and is a pretty perfect introduction into one of the topics I was planning on talking about. I’m not going to go through and edit it much, so keep in mind this was a “rough draft” and I had intended to clean it up before publishing. However, since it’s been over two years since I wrote it, I am going to essentially leave it as is. I have gone through a few fitness trackers since the Fitbit One, but this is where it all started for me:


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Have my habits changed since I started using the Fitbit One? I don’t think I’ve become more of a “fanatic” about my health/eating habits/exercise than I was before, I’m just more informed. Even with exercise, I rarely hit the 10,000 step goal. It doesn’t make me feel like I need to run circles around my house just to get my step count up, but if I check my step count and it is low, it’ll give me more incentive to get up and do something like clean my room or run errands.

Sleep tracking – some people say, “Okay so it measures your sleep activity…so what? If it says you’re not sleeping well, what would you even do about it?” Interesting question and a valid point. I can’t answer from personal experience because since I’ve gotten the Fitbit One, my sleep efficiency has been high every night. That being said, there have been mornings when I’ve woken up feeling like I was sure my sleep efficiency was really low because I felt like I woke up a ton of times. I’d pull up my stats on the computer and lo and behold, I still slept like a baby. Maybe it’s psychological, but having the data in front of me makes me feel better about the quality of my sleep and I feel better prepared to take on the day. For someone who doesn’t always sleep in the same place (i.e. traveling for business, sleeping at a significant other’s place, etc), I feel like the sleep tracker would be useful to determine whether certain environments are affecting the quality of your sleep. It won’t tell you exactly what to change, but it can help point you in the direction of making some improvements that could lead to better sleep in the future. Just a thought 🙂

Downsides – I can’t always find a place to put it (i.e. lounging by the pool). I sometimes forget to put it back on after a shower. 

At this point, the Fitbit Flex was just coming out, and I was considering making the switch to the wristband. More on what happened next, later!

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