My Secret(s) to Pretty Nails

You wouldn’t know it by looking at my blog, but I really love nails, makeup, hair, fashion, etc. As the title suggests, this post is all about nails!

When I was younger, I used to change my nail polish about once a week. I was kind of a perfectionist about it, so it became sort of therapeutic for me to focus my mind on something for awhile.

That was all well and good when I had tons of time to spend doing my nails, but as I got older and went to college, I had less time to devote to the craft. I wouldn’t have enough time to put in the attention I needed and the results were not up to par, which annoyed me. For a time, I stopped wearing nail polish altogether. Over past few years, I don’t think I’ve been seen without polish, but I can’t say that it has always looked nice since I would change it maybe 1-2 times a month.

Lately, I’ve taken it back up. My nail polish is barely even chipped, if at all, when I repaint it. It’s not that I have more time or less to do than I did before (quite the opposite, in fact). This revival can be attributed to two words: Nail Envy.

Nail Envy is a product by OPI and the name is fitting because I admired someone else’s nails who said she used Nail Envy and I went out and bought it about 2 days later.

Photo credit: Amazon

Nail Envy comes in a few different formulas, but I’ve only tried the original and I’ve heard it’s the best one. You can see all the different kinds and a description of each here. I was impatient and bought it in a beauty supply store, but from the looks of it you can get it for much cheaper online. I’ll have to keep that in mind for next time! Since I started using it about 2 weeks ago, I can already feel a difference in the strength of my nails. And it’s definitely not just because I’m wearing nail polish. Yes, wearing nail polish tends to reinforce your nails by putting a hard shell on top, but since I always wear nail polish anyway, I know this product is making the difference.

Another product I love is Drip Dry by OPI (do you see a trend here?)

Photo Credit: Amazon

I am really impatient, so these have been awesome! One of the reasons I stopped doing my nails regularly is because after all my hard work, I usually manage to mess them up while they’re drying because I hit my nail on something or I tried to pick something up. I always do multiple coats of polish, so these don’t dry my nails completely, but they definitely help. They are dry enough for me to do things like type on the computer or drive my car, but I wouldn’t want to put my hand in the pockets of my jeans or anything like that. I’ve also used Drying Drops by Nicole by OPI. It’s the same idea, but I think I like the Drip Dry better. The nice thing about the Nicole by OPI line is that you can get it at places like Target (best place ever).

This last thing is a newer thing for me. I never knew how many different nail shapes there were out there! Check ’em out! I always cut my nails following my natural curve and called it a day. Yesterday I decided to be fancy and try one of these other shapes. I decided on the squoval because it seemed like a nice change of pace, but nothing drastic. And I don’t think it’d hurt me like some of these other shapes. Side note: filing your nails in only one direction like you’re supposed to is a really tedious process. Ick.

Anyway, here’s what my nails look like right now. I love a classic French manicure. It makes me feel fancy πŸ™‚ I wish I had some useful tips (no pun intended) on how to do this, but I’m no expert and I still have trouble with it. It takes a lot of practice and patience. If anyone has any useful tips, I’d love to hear them!

IMG_3109That’s two coats Nail Envy, tipped with OPI in Alpine Snow, then topped with another coat of Nail Envy. Nail Envy isn’t a top coat, but I had to use a q-tip and nail polish remover to fix some of my lines and I didn’t want those sections of my nails to miss out on the strengthening!

As you can see, I love everything OPI. It’s pretty pricey, but you’re in luck! Sephora is having a sale! I hate paying for shipping, so I almost bought $50 worth of nail polish, but at the urging of a friend, I resisted πŸ˜› Clicky here!

Choose 3 for $10 Sephora by OPI Nail Colour and Jewelry Top Coats. Limited time only. No promo code needed.

And on a completely separate topic, today the boy and I have been together for 3 years, so here are some plates I painted!


Have a beautiful day, everyone ❀

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