Hi :)

Things have been pretty silent on this blog, but no worries…I’m alive and well! Still trucking along with school and gearing up to student teach pretty soon. Eek! I’m terrified, but I know the experience will help me to feel better prepared to take on my future! 🙂 Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to:

Work: These days I’ve been working at a paint-your-own-ceramics store and it’s been awesome!! During summer, we’ve been doing art camp and that’s been a ton of fun. We do all sorts of art projects together. I’ve never seen myself as particularly artsy. I guess I’ve always known that I had an appreciation for art, but it never seemed like something I excelled in. After this summer, I feel like I have more tools in my arsenal. So even though I’m no art expert, I can hold my own. I think I am pretty well equipped to teach art to the little ones, at least 🙂 This is a nice segue to my next topic!

School: I have been going back and forth in my head about what area(s) I want to specialize in. Something that I think is really cool about education is that there are so many different areas within the field. Maybe that’s why Special Education is so fascinating to me. For the time being, I think I would be really happy with Early Childhood Education. I feel like we’re always hearing about how early intervention is super important, but for me I just feel like early childhood is such a magical time. There is so much development that happens in those first few years and I would absolutely love to be a part of it. I’m really excited to learn more!

Running: For some reason after the Carlsbad 5000, I totally ran out of steam in terms of training. I was doing really well with my Couch to 10K app…until I wasn’t. I stopped running and working out regularly, so I was losing a lot of the progress I had made. I tried to push myself just as hard and I was getting sick after runs, cramping up, getting dizzy, etc. It was not fun. I began to dread running because I knew that instead of feeling accomplished afterwards, I was just going to feel dejected and upset.

A few things really helped me with this. First, I quit the Couch to 10K app. I wish I could have made it all the way to the end, but it was doing more harm than good. There was nothing wrong with the app itself. It was ultimately my fault that it didn’t work out. If I had been running regularly and keeping up with it on schedule, I would have been fine. Downloading the app won’t magically make you capable of running 10K straight. It takes dedication that I didn’t have.

Second, I turned off the option on my Nike+ Running App that tells me my average speed at every mile. I felt like I got ultra competitive with myself and kept trying to run faster each time and this making me hate running.

And the most important thing I did was I started running with friends again. I find that when I run with the right people, I’m able to run at a better pace. Of course, this is assuming that I don’t try to run with people who are way too fast for me (aka BOYS). My friends and I started to do this run for 2 songs, walk for 1 song rotation and it’s been working really well for us. A couple weeks ago we were able to do this for 5 miles and then walked another 5 miles without a problem. 10 miles at a good pace…I feel like we’re pretty close to ready to take on the half 🙂

Running Gear: I’ll touch on this pretty quickly. My Flipbelt is still working well for me!! I tried to wear my iFitness running belt just for fun one time, and I don’t think I will ever use it again. One thing I’ve noticed with the Flipbelt is that it does tend to slip, but I’ve finally figured out why. It only happens when I’m wearing shorts that have built in briefs. It never happens when I’m wearing running capris or running tights. The reason for this is that when I move around, the briefs tend to pull the shorts down and that makes the Flipbelt ride up. This is really more an issue with my shorts than with my Flipbelt. I think I need to invest in a pair of compression shorts or something.

I got the greatest headphones for running!! I was previously using these Nike headphones and I thought they’d stay put because they wrap around my ears, but they were constantly falling off! I always had to run with a hat so that the hat would keep my headphones in place. I have been researching headphones for a long time, but I never wanted to spend the money just to have another pair of headphones that fall out. I finally took the plunge with these Sennhesier MX685 Adidas Sports In-Ear Headphones and they are seriously the best things I’ve ever run with! Definitely worth the money if you’re in the market for some good running headphones.

I am also still in love with my foam roller. I don’t use it as regularly as I should, but I use it often enough to prevent injuries, which I am very grateful for 🙂

For my next experiment with running gear, I am considering the Bondiband Headband. I get pretty sweaty when I work out and I haaaaate when sweat starts to get all over my face and in my eyes, which is another reason I like wearing a hat, but it’d be nice to not always have to rely on a hat. I’ll let you guys know what I think if I end up buying one.

Soo…that’s pretty much what’s been going on these days. I hope you are all doing well too! 🙂

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2 Responses to Hi :)

  1. Casey says:

    I think you will make an awesome teacher!

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