A “Life-Changing Loaf of Bread”

As many of you know, I am always on the look out for healthier alternatives for my favorite foods. One of my biggest vices, of which I have many, is bread. Bread in itself is not too terrible, but it can be in the quantities I like to eat it. A few weeks ago, I happened to stumble upon a recipe for what was called a “Life-Changing Loaf of Bread”. The recipe consisted of a mixture of seeds and nuts and zero flour or yeast, which intrigued me. I decided to get all the ingredients together and give it a whirl. As the name suggested, it was life-changing, indeed.

The Life-Changing Loaf of Bread
(Recipe here)

There is really nothing I can say about this recipe that hasn’t already been said in either the original blog post or the comments. One commenter said something about how this does not actual fit the textbook definition of “bread”, but I don’t really care. For me, it does almost everything bread is supposed to do, so it’s bread. I am often very skeptical any time I am faced with a recipe that does not contain any familiar ingredients. I think based on the ingredients, I was expecting something more like crackers than slices of bread. The result of this recipe far exceeded all my expectations. The crust of each slice was crunchy, the inside of each slice was moist (sorry to all who hate that word), and each bite was flavorful and delicious. The thing I loved most about eating this bread was that with each bite, I felt great about what I was putting in my body! While I love regular bread, I do not always eat it with a clear conscience.

I’m pretty sure you can find all of the ingredients at a store like Sprouts, but I am pretty busy and I don’t really like to wander around looking for things, so I ordered most of the ingredients on Amazon. So convenient! I did not have a flexible silicone loaf pan, as recommended in the original post, but I used a regular loaf pan lined with parchment paper and it worked perfectly well for me.

IMG_2505Here you can see all the ingredients spread into my parchment paper lined loaf pan. One important note: I chopped my almonds into fourths before mixing them into the “dough”. My initial rationale for doing this was to make each bite as uniform as possible instead of having a lot of almonds in one bite and no almonds in another. The recipe tells you to let it sit out for about 2 hours like this. I was really excited to make this and I had very few windows of opportunity to work on it, so I think I let mine sit out for about 12 hours at room temperature before I had a chance to bake it. I was pretty worried that all the moisture would have evaporated and it would end up burning or being super dry. Thankfully, my worries were unfounded.

IMG_2510The loaf was small enough to bake in my toaster oven, which was very convenient. Here’s what it looked like straight out of the oven. As you can see, it browned a little unevenly in some spots, so it’s important to make sure you smooth out the surface as evenly as possible when you put the “dough” in the pan. You want to let it cool completely (or at least close if you’re impatient like I am) before you try to slice it. I found that it’s easier to slice it upside down with a serrated knife to keep the seeds and nuts at the surface from falling off.

IMG_2512I didn’t follow my own advice for these slices, but my slice still remained intact overall. I think chopping my almonds in the beginning really helped everything stick together better.

IMG_2514Voila! Final, delicious product!

Obviously, this bread does not taste like a loaf of Wonder Bread, so don’t make it expecting it to be an exact substitution for your beloved white bread. However, when I had this bread in the house, I didn’t find myself missing regular bread at all. The only drawback to me was that the size of each slice was not the same as your standard bread slice, so I couldn’t use it for a sandwich, but since I haven’t really been eating a ton of sandwiches lately, this didn’t affect me in the slightest. Maybe someday I’ll experiment with other pans or something to find a nice sandwich bread substitution.

Finding something that is just as satisfying, if not more, as one of my favorite foods has really opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. Bread was previously something that I absolutely could not live without. I’m not looking to completely eliminate it from my diet, but anything that can help me lessen my consumption is definitely welcome. It had a lofty name to live up to, but it definitely changed my life at least a little bit.

Another thing this recipe did for me was introduce me to an ingredient that would lead to my discovering another “alternative bread” recipe. And I’m pretty sure I like this bread even more. More to come… 😉

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  1. I wanna say thanks for posting this correct information. Keep up the good work. I’ll subscribe to your weblog also. thnx!

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  3. Andrea says:

    Hey there, can you post the recipe as the recipe link does not work!! Thanks!

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