Avocado Post #2: Creamy Avocado Pasta

This is the second entry in a series I will call the “Avocado Posts”. As I previously mentioned, my parents tend to buy avocados without an idea of what they want to do with them. We had three avocados and I scurried to find ways to use them before they went bad. In a feat of avocado magic, I went into the kitchen the other day to see that the number of avocados had tripled. Apparently, my mother’s coworker gave her a bunch of avocados for free. Thus the avocado saga continues!

Obviously with this influx of avocado, I was looking for ways to incorporate it into dinner. I remembered seeing a recipe for a creamy sauce made out of avocados and thought it was the perfect opportunity to try it! Here is the recipe I used. I doubled the recipe, but I was doing really well following the recipe. I even added the same amount of garlic cloves, even though the blogger mentions that the garlic was pretty strong for some people’s tastes. Okay, so I went off book a little bit and used vinegar instead of lemon juice, but that’s because I didn’t have any lemons. Oops.


And then…I realized I hadn’t thought about adding veggies to the meal and I got a little crazy. I remembered seeing something online about a cauliflower based alfredo sauce and I thought I could incorporate this idea into my avocado sauce. I was going to use the technique I used for mashed cauliflower (put raw cauliflower in a food process until it forms “rice” then microwave for 5-8 minutes), but my avocado sauce was already in the food processor. I did a little improvising and cut up some cauliflower, microwaved it, and then added it to the already existing sauce in small batches. It was a little difficult to break up the cauliflower this way, but I found if I took some time to place the cauliflower pieces right next to the blades, it worked pretty well. I added about half a head of cauliflower to my sauce.

The result was a pretty thick sauce (think the texture of a hearty meat sauce), but it was delicious. I tasted the original sauce and it was pretty vinegar and garlic heavy, so the addition of the cauliflower was really nice to dilute the strength of these flavors. Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved the sauce as it was, but sometimes less is more. When I make this sauce again, I will probably go easier on the vinegar (or actually use some lemon juice!) and I will definitely go easier on the garlic. I brushed my teeth several times after dinner and still woke up this morning feeling like I had garlic in my mouth. The sauce was delicious, but that lingering taste of garlic is hard to handle…especially for someone whose boyfriend hates garlic 😛


Final thoughts: I loved adding cauliflower to the sauce!! I think it’s a sneaky way to add more veggies to a meal. The original sauce would have been lovely on its own and I think it’d go great on top of pasta, rice, or  veggies if you’re trying to go low carb. The original recipe basically calls for a full tablespoon of olive oil per serving. If you’re trying to cut fat I think you could scale back on the olive oil and add a little extra water or milk to the mix. Don’t quote me on that since I haven’t tried it!!

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