Easter Fun!

I didn’t grow up in a family that really celebrated Easter. Sure, I went to my fair share of Easter egg hunts when I was younger, but that’s about it. This year was the first year when I really experienced how fun Easter can be!

First off, I got not one, but TWO Easter baskets. So lucky!!

IMG_2357 IMG_2337

My mom decided to make a ham and some other side dishes, mostly because the stuff was on sale in the grocery store. Voila, our first family Easter dinner! I’ve never made bread that requires yeast before, but I decided to try my hand at making these bunny rolls I’ve seen making their rounds on the internet. I’m not really sure where the original image is from, but you can look at it here. I definitely think I need to refine my bread making technique because my rolls did not turn out like those ones. I won’t post any tips, because I don’t think they turned out very well. But, for the sake of documenting things, I’ll post a couple pictures.

IMG_2349Bunny rolls before baking (I had to stretch the ears out because they were looking a lot like bears)IMG_2353Bunny rolls after baking

Anyway, never fear! I made up for this semi-failed experiment with some really delicious cookies. For my class on Wednesday, it was my job to provide dessert. My first inclination was to make mini cupcakes, which have come to be my trusty default dessert. I was feeling a little lazy and unsure that I even had enough cupcake liners, so I figured cookies were a good option. Being lazy, I wanted to bake something for which I already had all the ingredients so I wouldn’t have to go to the store. I wasn’t sure I had enough chocolate chips for the recipe I chose, but I knew I had some Cadbury mini eggs. Since I had somehow ended up with two Easter baskets and just a bit too much candy for one person to consume, it seemed only right to put these mini eggs to good use. Cadbury is my absolute favorite, so trust me when I say I did not make this decision lightly.

I followed the recipe by Brown Eyed Baker pretty closely with the exception of adding the mini eggs. The mini eggs are a bit larger than your standard chocolate chip, so I thought it’d probably be best to smash them up a little before adding them to the batter. I used the end of the handle of the knife to make the initial break of the eggs and then I used the blade to cut them into pieces (about 4 pieces per egg).


Cadbury mini egg destruction – it looks sad, but rest assured they were still very delicious. I had added a few chocolate chips to make the chocolate an even cup.


And here they are in all their glory! I expected them to naturally form into circles, but they were no less delicious. The shell from the Cadbury mini eggs and the inclusion of oats into the batter added a nice, subtle crunch to the cookie. These were a big hit in class 🙂

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